Bedtime Prayer

I pray for happiness to find me again.

Corrections. I don’t need happiness to come find me. I just need to pray for strength and courage and wisdom. To be able to handle all obstacles and challenges that come my way. Got to try to be like the protagonist in my post Still the Debonair Charmer who is calm and fearless in whatever calamity.

Wishing for happiness to come back would mean I need an external condition to be happy. We don’t need a reason to be happy. We are already happy. We just need to get rid of mind-made cravings, greed and delusions.

This is my favourite scene from the 2005 movie SPL which won Donnie Yen the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Action Choreography in 2006.

And the lullaby playing in the background of this baton versus knife duel. Sweet.

Good night and pleasant dreams.

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